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Taking it to the Next Level - Coaching with NLP

John La Valle

Have you noticed how many people these days are wanting to be coaches? We will soon have more coaches than players and the field will still be cluttered with inept players. Why? It's simple: because most people wanting to be coaches (another term for - I think I can help you even though I can't help myself) are doing it because they think it's the next get rich way to do things, the next magic pill for their lackluster career. And then some are really quite talented at what they can do, but aren't doing it for different reasons.

Now I'm all for coaches, of course. I want to see more of them succeed at whatever they are doing. If there's something that you can do, and you believe that only you can do it the way you do it, which is most obvious to me, anyway, then how can you do that and earn a living at it?

Doesn't it make sense that someone who is coaching someone else at something ought to have done that "something" themselves? NO!! That's the part that most people are missing! Now in some cases, it's extremely helpful to have knowledge of the activity, but not necessary that the coach can do it or even has done it. Hey, I can't hit a baseball out of the park and never could, but I can watch someone else at the bat and know what to tell them to do so they could do it.

It's how well you can facilitate the other(s) to get the results they want that ultimately determines your success! NLP is not a thing unto itself, it is a meta discipline, which makes it applicable to whatever you are doing.

I've enjoyed language and the use of language and how it connects to behavior since I was very young. So, when a company calls and wants a training program based on persuasion and influence, whether it's for their salespeople or their customer service people, I get to do what I do and enjoy it. Now, sometimes, they want me to put together a program without me finding out what they're already doing. That's what some people would do: put together a training program based on what some generic application of language without first finding out what is there and then what's missing. Seems odd to me, but that's where the difference is for the most successful people I know.

Now let's say that you're a consultant, or coach. What are you the best at? What is it that I want from you as my coach? Most "coaches" I know cannot answer that question. Well, if they don't know what they're good at, nor able to communicate that, then how can they help?

Let's say that you have your own sales force and are even coaching them for more successful selling. What are they already doing that is working? And then, is there anything they're doing that is not working, or working against them and what's missing? Is it something in their use of modal operators, or misuse of them? Is it the sequencing of their information and the way they connect information to what's relevant to or for the customer, or are they being irrelevant to or for the customer? Do you know? If you don't know, then you don't know, and that could be a detriment to your success.

Now here's the interesting piece of this: If you ask them what they are or are not doing, they'll probably tell you, but you're not there when they're doing it so you'll never know more than they're representation of what they think they are doing or not doing and that's not relevant. Put yourself somehow in the position of being with them when they are interacting with whomever they interact with so that you will know. Anything short of that is shortchanging yourself and them. Period.

Now that's a tough spot to be in, especially as the person being observed: a real test of your professional relationship with them. But even the baseball coach is there during the game, as well as at practice. That way, they can see and hear first hand what the player is actually doing.

So, what is it that a coach is supposed to do and do they have what it takes to do it and are they willing to do what it takes to do it? Interesting questions that can only be answered individually, but there's more. Once the answer to these questions are formed positively, how well can the coach find where or by whom their expertise can be used and when?

So what's with all this coaching? There are opportunities abound and I have always believed that opportunity is knocking each and every moment of each and every day. All you have to do is be present with your eyes and ears and all your senses open so that you'll recognize it when it is there.

For those of you who already have some NLP training, remember to use the basics in all cases, and for those of you who haven't attended a training, yet, give it a go and learn how much more effective you can be with just a bit of training. That's what taking it to the next level is!

©2019 John La Valle

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NLP Meta-Programs and the Way You Are Thinking

By Benedikt Ahlfeld

Have you ever heard of meta-programs?

A meta-program is similar to a software application of your brain. It is like a control system that directs your actions, behaviors, decisions, as well as the way you interact with others. A meta-program is a mental program that regulates how you process your patterns of thought. It influences which information of your existing experiences should be distorted, deleted, or generalized. In your daily life, most of the meta-programs are running subconsciously. They help you to form your opinions, perspectives, and beliefs about your life, your world, and your environment. Without meta-programs, life would be difficult because they help you sort out issues and operate as a useful filter.

Meta-programs make your life easier

Understanding meta-programs helps you to understand yourself better. Especially when it comes to actions and decisions that you doubt afterward. You do not only receive an idea about why you behave as you behave, but you also receive an insight into your habits, beliefs, values, and convictions. Despite that, meta-programs do not only help you understand yourself better; they also support your understanding of other people. Using the influence of meta-programs, you will be able to improve your relationships by using other methods, such as rapport, or even influence people in their way of thinking. The more you understand about the motivation of another person, the easier it will be to influence his or her actions, decision, and choices. If you know how your meta-program is working, then you will have the chance to influence the filtering process, as well as, change your way of thinking, acting, or behaving to a positive direction, making you more adaptable and increasing your chances of dealing with a situation more positively.

Meta-programs help in understanding people

Working with meta-programs is a common method in NLP. More than 50 different types of programs exist that we know of. The following two types should give you an initial idea for understanding the system behind it:

Toward or Away

This meta-program works with an understanding of pain or gain. Every human urges for gain and avoids pain. You listen to your favorite song because you get pleasure from the lyrics. You pull your hand away from a lit match because you want to avoid burning your hands. Thinking about the reactions concerning pain and gain will help you understand other people better, as well as yourself.

Self-sorting or sorting by others

What is your motivation for doing things? If you do something, do you think of yourself, or do you first think of others? Some people tend not to put themselves in the focus of their life. They always think of others first. Working with meta-programs, you can learn to find a good compromise for sorting things out by yourself and sorting out things for others. Depending on the situation, one or the other choice might be better.

As you can see, everything is based on sorting and filtering. It is important not to see things as given but to take a deeper look at your behavior and to try noticing specific stimuli. There are millions of pieces of information in our environment, and you must find out what data you want to focus on. It is rather difficult to be aware of them all at the same time. Some sorting preferences might fit into every aspect of your life, and others might only fit into specific areas. You might deal with things differently in business than you would at home. Working with meta-programs, furthermore, helps to explain why individuals with the same representational systems end up with completely different results. Use a meta-program test as a chance to find out more about subconscious strategies. Understanding meta-programs and recognizing them in others can make you happier and more successful in life.

©2019 Benedikt Ahlfeld

Note from John: Ben has put together a program for Meta Programs. You can check them out here:

Languages: currently in English and German

Benedikt Ahlfeld is a Trainer of NLP, excellent at it, a certified management consultant and founder, as well as CEO, of the ZHI Consulting® GmbH. He has coached and trained top decision-makers of the economy, sport and medicine for ten years, for better management and more implementation competence.

Check out Benedikt's pages:

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Thinking on Purpose is an indispensable guide to anyone who wants to make changes in their life. Most people don’t really ‘think’. They ‘remember’.
That’s why they are often destined to repeat the same negative patterns over and over again.
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How Identifying NLP Meta Programmes Improved Performance

by Fiona Campbell

A few years ago, I was asked to work with a key account sales manager who had been over achieving his target for years. When he was promoted to another area of the business, his performance dropped dramatically.

Because his company valued this manager and wanted to help him get back on track they brought me in to coach him.

I identified that he was a top performer because he had been working with clients in the same area of business for over 10 years. He built long term relationships with his clients, and had all the information and knowledge he needed to know about how their business ran.

When he was promoted, 20% of the new job was still working with existing clients and in this area, he was still doing well.

80% of the new job was working with new potential clients in a new area of business that he knew nothing about. This was where he was struggling.

When I spoke to him it became obvious that he was filtering and sorting information through ‘Same,’ 'Reactive' and ‘People’ Meta Programme.

The new area of his job was so different from what he had been doing previously that he became ‘paralyzed,’ and had no idea how he could sell to these new potential clients and had ‘lost’ his confidence.

During the coaching session I helped him to see all the similarities between his new job and the previous job. This was working to the strengths of the ‘Same’ Meta Programme and helped him see that because he was still selling services to potential clients he was still doing the same thing. He started reframing the way he thought about the new job.

Because he was also using a high ‘Reactive’ Meta Programme he needed time to do research on the new business and get to know his new potential clients so that he could build up all the information he needed about their business to have the confidence to be able work with them.

The ‘People’ Meta Programme was identified because it was important for him to build long-term relationships and really get to know his clients well.

It was decided to reduce his target by 80% for three months to give him time to focus on researching and getting all the information he needed about the new business, his new potential clients and how he could best help them.

Within 6 week he was back flying!

All he changed was:

Seeing the similarities between the old job and the new job – Same Pattern
Having time to get all the information he needed to move – Reactive Pattern
Being confident enough to build relationships – People Pattern

Taking the time to understand how the people you lead filter and sort information, and working with 'how they work best' achieves win - win results in business

©2019 Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell, a Society of NLP Trainer since 2005, specialises in NLP for Business.

She is delivering NLP Coaching Skills for Mangers Level 1 in Glasgow, Scotland on the 4th-5th September 2019

She is bringing her NLP Business Practitioner for the first time to Glasgow on 1st-7th February 2020

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Thinking on Purpose is an indispensable guide to anyone who wants to make changes in their life. Most people don’t really ‘think’. They ‘remember’.
That’s why they are often destined to repeat the same negative patterns over and over again.
Dr. Richard Bandler, the genius behind NLP who has changed the lives of millions of people through his life’s work,
teams up with Owen Fitzpatrick and Dr. Glenda Bradstock to offer you a 15 day, step by step guide to thinking smarter, better and on purpose so you can build a much brighter future.

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